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The safety of your business or residence depends upon the security service you have. With an increasing rate of crimes everywhere in the world, security is a necessary service for societies, institutions, industries, and many other places. As the world is going through technical advancements, the directives, types of equipment, and regulations regarding security services keep changing. An appropriate candidate must be able to get along with these changes and keep him/herself updated. Intelligence and dedication should be the feature of candidates who are looking for Security Service Recruitment.

Ajeets is the top security temp agency that provides best-in-class employees to clients. Along with fulfilling the business objectives of our clients with their chosen services, we also ensure the growth of our candidates. Our services always match the industry standards. We have all the certifications required to prove the credibility and quality of the services we offer. Professional recruiters are there to pick out the right candidates for the right security positions.

Delivering the services in time is a part of our business ethics. These services come at a cheap price so that we can accommodate the candidates who are looking for security jobs. Our team of experts gives strategic staffing solutions for your security service requirements. Our company has been working in this field for the last 16 years which is why we have an in-depth database of candidate profiles and job requirements. This data helps us to function and furnish quickly.

We bring manpower from India, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Nepal, Kenya, and the Philippines as the top Security temp agency. The candidates are assessed thoroughly before getting selected and similarly, the credentials of the employers are also checked properly to avoid any inconvenience between the employers and the employees in the future. As the security temp agency our services are available for all the countries in the world, we mainly supply manpower of security services to the Middle East countries like Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman; the Far East countries like Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Maldives, and China; and European countries like the UK, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Malta.

Job Profiles Provided by us for Security Service Recruitment:-

  • Watchman
  • Security Personnel
  • Fire Safety andamp; Security
  • Airport Security Guard
  • Hand Luggage Inspector
  • Supervisor
  • Private Investigator
  • Armed/Unarmed Guard
  • Security Manager
  • ATM guard
  • Plant Guard
  • Shopping Investigator- Security
  • Security Supervisor
  • Gateman
  • Security Control Room Manager
  • Floor Man
  • Theft Prevention Officer
  • Security Specialist


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