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Welder Recruitment

Are you looking for well-skilled and overseas experienced welders?

AJEETS is an established welder recruitment agency globally. The manpower agency could become your international recruitment partner that sources well-skilled and overseas experienced welders from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Africa. Ajeets's top recruitment consultants have expertise in different industries, particularly in the welding field. The recruitment agency manages the welding trade testing during the client's interview or selection process for welders at the trade testing institute.

Ajeets experienced more than 20+ years in recruiting welders for the following industries:

  • Infrastructure and Construction

    • Composite concrete and steel bridge construction

    • Submarine hull construction

    • Building constructions

  • Oil and Gas or Offshore

    • Pipelines carrying low and high-pressure fluids

    • Oil storage tanks

    • Pressure vessels

    • Offshore structures

  • Shipbuilding

  • Manufacturing and Repair

  • Aerospace

Need candidates for job hiring welder abroad

  • Tack Welder

  • Welder/Fitter

  • Welder Helper

  • TIG Welder

  • Welder Instructor

  • Pipe Welder

  • Nuclear Welder

  • Underwater Welder

  • Rig Welder

  • Aerospace Welder

  • Welding Technician

  • Manufacturing Welder

  • Boilermaker

  • Welding Inspector

  • Welding Engineer

  • Military Support Welder

  • Industrial Shutdown Welder

  • Shipbuilding Welder

  • NASCAR/Automotive Racing Welder

  • Assemblers/Fabricators

  • On-Board Ship Maintenance Repair Welder

  • Robotics Welder and others.

AJEETS deals in 50+ countries in the Middle East, Europe, the Far East, Central Asia, and America.

CONTACT USat any time, and makeAJEETSyour construction recruitment partner.

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