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Are International Recruitment Agencies the Best Resource for Finding Jobs Abroad?

Are International Recruitment Agencies the Best Resource for Finding Jobs Abroad?

Agnideepa 21 Dec, 2022

If you intend to work abroad, you may have heard that your chances of landing a good job are likely to be higher if you register with an andquot;overseas recruitment consultantandquot; than if you apply directly to foreign employers. These organizations, also known as global employment agencies or international recruitment agencies, frequently serve as a point of contact between foreign job seekers and the companies wishing to hire them.

People from all over the world use these organizations to find work outside of their native nations, and both job seekers and employers depend on their knowledge. But the crucial query is how beneficial these organizations are to job searchers.

How might a foreign employment agency assist you in pursuing a global career?

You can get in touch with foreign employment agencies if you are seeking work abroad via the job board on their website, by email, or by phone. If the agency decides you are a good fit for the position after reviewing your resume, they will get in touch with you. To make it simple for them to contact you, be sure to include your personal contact information.

Advantages of using an international recruitment consultant-

  • Recruitment agencies are employed by their customers, or hiring corporations, and are compensated by them when they are successful in filling open positions at these businesses. As a result, candidates are not required to pay for their services.
  • Due to their extensive network, employment agencies have access to positions that job searcher may not be aware of (on job sites, boards, LinkedIn, social media, etc.). In actuality, recruitment agencies frequently learn about openings beforehand. They can therefore connect you with clients and projects that may be of interest to you and thereby assist you in finding your dream employment abroad.
  • International recruitment agencies are familiar with the labor market and human resource needs in your target nation: International employment agencies frequently focus on particular industries in particular nations, so they are aware of the chances for someone with your skill set and expertise there. Additionally, job seekers who conduct their own searches discover that the market is fiercely competitive and hardly ever generates favorable outcomes for them. Finally, an agency will be able to assist you in developing sound objectives and reasonable expectations, all of which are necessary for a fruitful job search.
  • Recruitment Consultant has a good reputation: Some businesses prefer to hire (and even interview) foreign applicants who have only applied through reputable employment agencies. This is due to the fact that businesses frequently partner with one agency for many years and thus respect and trust their suggestions regarding the job candidates they send in for interviews.
  • They remove the element of uncertainty from the application process: Since a recruitment consultant only gets paid if their candidate is hired by the client, they have a financial incentive to forward your application as long as you meet the requirements of the position. They will therefore follow up on your application and andquot;hold your handandquot; until the employer decides whether to hire you or reject you. Additionally, they could provide you with advice on how to write your cover letter and resume and even practice interviews with you. They may even bargain your pay and working conditions with the employing business if you are given the job.

How can AJEETS help you?

AJEETS as one of the top international recruitment agencies help the employee and the employer. AJEETS acts as a bridge between the candidate and the company. It has been 16 years that we are in this business. We examine the position in terms of the local market to determine how recruiting local talent would compare to hiring someone from outside the country. To ensure transparency and support the selection process, if the position calls for a specific foreign applicant, we endeavor to define the immigrant benefits for both the applicant and the firm.

As a global employment agency, we search for passive applicants because there is rarely an active application process when outsourcing abroad personnel. This is our database of applicants who possess the highest level of expertise. We have extensive expertise aiding with hiring for businesses in the Middle East and Europe, therefore we are knowledgeable about the markets and needs of these businesses.

We thoroughly examine passive candidates' backgrounds and conduct technical screening on them. We determine the demands of the firm and the location in question for our global employment solutions. For instance. Knowing the local language is almost a need if seeking a job in Europe. We analyze personal profile of each candidates to see if their behavior matches that of the business.

We recruit manpower from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Kenya, and Uganda. AJEETS provides manpower to the different countries of the Middle East, the Far East, and Europe countries. We keep the process hassle-free.


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