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Nepal is a small and beautiful country. It is rich in its varied culture. It is well known for its geographic location. People in Nepal find different opportunities to get good jobs in the Middle East, Far East, and Europe locations. Nepal's Human Development Index has been steadily improving recently, making the country's human resources a preferred target for corporations from around the world.

Candidates of Nepal are well-skilled professionals who are always in search of jobs abroad so that they can have better opportunities. Our office in Kathmandu, Nepal, is handled by efficient team members. Both new and experienced job seekers are selected at the Kathmandu location, where they are frequently placed with foreign companies in industries such as catering, healthcare, engineering, oil and gas, construction, medical, hospitality, steel, and many more. AJEETS is the best manpower company in Nepal.

It took a lot of time and hard work to be on the top list of manpower companies in Nepal. Nepal's manpower is endowed with a wealth of skills and a solid commitment to work, which is why international companies are eager to hire them. AJEETS for the last 16 years is recruiting candidates from Nepal to countries like Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman in the Middle East; Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, the Maldives, and China in the Far East; and the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Romania, and Serbia in Europe. AJEETS is the most reliable and trustable Nepal manpower agency which has satisfied the employer and the employee.


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