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Singapore is one of the developed countries. From skilled to unskilled, Singapore is always in demand for manpower. AJEETS is the best global manpower agency in Singapore that recruits the most skilled and trained professionals.

If you are looking for a trustworthy recruitment agency in Singapore, AJEETS is here to help. We are an Indian-based global manpower recruitment agency in Singapore with a separate section dedicated to Singapore recruitment. With the high quality of services we provide, we have become one of Singapore's most chosen employment agencies.

A suitable recruitment agency in Singapore is of critical importance in this regard. Because sound advice is crucial to securing fantastic jobs, it's critical to seek out Singapore's pioneering Placement Consultants. Our team of experts helps the candidates to refine them as well as the interview is taken in different rounds for the selection of the efficient candidates. We have a good understanding of the needs of the market in Singapore and according to that, we recruit candidates in Singapore. Shifting from one country to another is definitely a bit of a difficult process. We help the candidate with visa processing and other procedures.

As the best manpower agency in Singapore, we provide a variety of clientele with targeted job opportunities. We provide the most beneficial support to different companies for different positions in their industry.As the leading global manpower agency Singapore, AJEETS is here to help you out by placing you in the best companies. We hire manpower from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Kenya, and Uganda.

Industries We hire for:-

  • IT Staffing
  • Construction
  • Facility Management
  • Agriculture
  • Health care and Nursing
  • Hotel and Catering
  • Oil and Gas
  • Marine and Offshore Drilling
  • Marine and Shipyard


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