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Shutdown Turnaround Maintenance

Shutdown Turnaround Maintenance

When plants or industries go through maintenance and renovation they are shut down. Shutdown Turnaround Maintenance is a very complicated process that needs proper planning and execution. It is also a very costly and time-consuming business. The tasks must be on track because if the pieces of equipment are not installed and maintained properly they will not function properly. During a shutdown, production is not possible and the company has to bear the cost, so if the machinery does not function normally it adds to that cost. Very experienced managers should execute this task.

Ajeets Group is an expert recruiter of employees required for Shutdown Turnaround Maintenance. Starting from welders to supervisors, we can cater to all your human resource requirements. We have a record of supplying both technical and operational staff to a number of companies within a very short time. Our extensive database keeps track of candidates and keeps us updated about their profiles. Our team of experts quickly goes through the profiles and ensures that you get a quality and skilled workforce that can smoothly execute the tasks.

We are a global recruiting agency but primarily we offer our services to the countries in the Middle East and the Far East. The skilled and efficient workforce that can adapt to the challenging situation during the processing is hired from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. Proper timing is very necessary for this task as it is exceptionally expensive and it needs expert handling for the safe execution of shutdown and turnaround. Unlike other recruitment agencies, we offer you solutions that are cost-effective, time-bound, and customizable.


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