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New Zealand's work market is expanding at a rapid pace. Hundreds of job postings appear every day. However, the market is becoming saturated in terms of accessible resources. The quality of a hiring agency is determined by its ability to find the finest available resource from a stagnant pool. AJEETS establishes itself as a sought-after employment agency in New Zealand here. Our talented consultants have partnered with New Zealand's best recruitment firm. AJEETS is the best global manpower agency in New Zealand.

We're encouraging recruitment agencies in New Zealand to recognize the value of employing a professionally trained and highly skilled team. Our multicultural, devoted staff of experienced enrolment specialists is here to assist you at all hours of the day and night to meet your needs. Our consultants keep an eye on, build, and maintain commercial relationships that guarantee substantial growth for our clients.
As the top global manpower agency in New Zealand, we have made a strong base that helps us to provide efficient manpower to the best industries in New Zealand.

We at AJEETS in New Zealand give the greatest recruitment support to both applicants and companies, with a singular goal of revolutionizing the business arena. Our assistance with job placement in New Zealand aids in fulfilling the expanding demands of both the service and industrial sectors. As a result, we work very hard to form profitable partnerships between businesses and potential clients.

We specialize in providing end-to-end employment solutions at AJEETS. Our advisers maintain continual contact with the candidates from the time they grasp the job requirements until they join your firm, ensuring a smooth transition. We recruit skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled, and professional candidates according to their experience in their respective fields. Following their selection, we assist them in obtaining visas to enter this country. As a professional recruitment firm in New Zealand, we handle the entire process.

AJEETS as the leading global manpower agency is here to help you out by placing you in the best companies. We hire manpower from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Kenya, and Uganda.

Industries we hire for:-

  • IT Staffing
  • Construction
  • Facility Management
  • Agriculture
  • Health care and Nursing
  • Hotel and Catering
  • Oil and Gas
  • Marine and Offshore Drilling
  • Marine and Shipyard and many other industries.


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